Entertainment Industry in 2012: A MIPCOM’12 review

No better way to start either a new year or a new blog than by analyzing the current business situation through one of the most important entertainment events around the world: The MIPCOM Festival and its TV Trends.

1. Multiplatforms

It´s a fact the important role that multi-screens are taking for business as a part of a holistic business model where multi devices (PC, tablets and smartphones) become a complementary way to enjoy the content and not substitutors for the TV screen.

A fall in the TV screen audience but a rise in the mobile content access proves a lack of interest among young adults for TV content , and reflecting the adoption of a variety of screens for de-linearized viewing.

A noticeable growth in the new digital devices, such as smart Tvs, tablets or smartphones and the spread of the streaming content services provided by companies as Amazon´s Lovefilm or Netflix has increased the ATAWAD consumption of entertainment content.

2. 2012: Sports Year

2012 was a record year due to the continue sport events along the first 8 months of the year. Record of share and audience in the Olympic Games Ceremony, SuperBowl or the Football Eurocup in different countries and historic traffic in sport sites as the London 2012 or ESPN with 321,000 and 11,539,000 unique visitors respectively.

Top Program

3. Multitasking audience

For many people, watching TV exclusively is something of the past.

Tablets, smartphones and PC are indispensable at the same time people
watch TV (on a TV screen). The 57% of US smartphone and tablet user check their emails while watching TV, in France, the 51% of users 15+ use a second screen too.

4. Transmedia programs and storytelling

New audience requires new kind of programs to satisfy more needs than just watch TV. A constant interactivity with Social media channels to share opinions and comments, having and active role on the screenplay or being part of the series: those are features the new Tv programs needs have for this new users.

Among the inciatives the entertainment industry is taking, new apps with extra information and videos, social gaming contents or exclusive release of episodes in social networks.

Dallas App for TNT Channel
Source: Mipcom Trends Whitepaper 2012

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